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People in Afghanistan are in need

As you can see from the media every day, Afghanistan is currently in a state of emergency. The Taliban have taken various cities and now Kabul. In droves, people from other provinces fled the Taliban and are now living in inhumane and extremely unsanitary conditions. They urgently need help and support so that they have a chance of survival. Through our branch in Kabul and their employees (including 2 doctors) we can provide direct help. We can provide people with medicine as well as drinking water, tents to protect them from solar radiation and food, especially baby food. Please help us so that we can provide this direct help! Thanks very much! Your Association for Afghanistan Promotion e.V.

- One of the poorest countries on Earth


Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries on earth. Over 30 years wars and natural disasters have been raged in Afghanistan destroying big parts of it. 1,5 million people have lost their life, 1,7 million were brutal dismembered, 6 million were obliged to flee the country. About 15 million people are threatened by approximately 30 million of land mines.

In refugee camps of Pakistan and Iran the third generation was born who learns the history of its homeland from the stories of the elderly people.

The infrastructure of the country is almost completely destroyed. The people are dependent on the humanitarian organizations that help them with the food supplies. According to the Statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), Afghanistan is in the first place of the negative records like child mortality, mine victims or in rate of illiteracy. Having average life expectancy of 46 years people in Afghanistan die earlier than any other population.


The above facts show that the use of organization such as VAF is needed now more than ever. It is very important for us to reach hands to those people who struggles in order to help them to survive – these are tasks for our association for 30 years.